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How much does the Thermodul System cost?

As a guideline the cost is between under floor heating and a traditional radiator systems. However, each Thermodul System is quoted separately for each project. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

What fuel does the Thermodul System run on?

It works with any fuel (gas, oil, wood pellet stoves, etc..). Its low input heating requirements (around 45° C) makes it possible to choose between various fuels.

The Thermodul system is also available in an electric version and in a dual fuel version (electric and water system combined)

Is it easy to install?

Installing Thermodul is easy for any professional and it is recommended that a qualified heating engineer (for the water model) and qualified electrician (for electric model) carries out the work.

Download water version installation instructions
(1.25MB PDF)

Download electric version installation instructions (754KB PDF)


Can I use compression fittings?

Although the installation instructions show the option of using compression fittings, we recommend using 15mm solder fittings as compression fittings of the correct size are not readily available in the UK.

How do I fit the return elbow to the heating core?

Because of the different pipe sizes of the heating core and return elbow, we recommend expanding the heating core pipework so that the elbow fits inside and can then be soldered. Tools to do this are readily available on eBay.

How does this system compare to under floor heating?

Due to its low level of water, the Thermodul system allows for a faster response than under floor heating. It can also be easily inspected and it can be used with any flooring (i.e. solid wood, laminated, tiles, etc…)

Does Thermodul skirting heating save money?

Due to its low water content, the boiler works for shorter time to bring up the temperature within it. This with the uniform distribution, the absence of stratification allow THERMODUL to be run at 1-2°C lower than traditional systems. The Thermodul water system can save 30% plus in running costs compared to conventional radiators.

Does THERMODUL work with Condensing Boilers?


Can the system work with any heat generator? Can it work with a backboiler?

The THERMODUL system can work with any heat generator (HOT WATER) and also with combustibles with low calorific values. The water volume of the system is low and therefore it is quicker to heat up than a traditional radiator system.

Can I regulate it with a thermostat?

Yes, the system can be regulated with a thermostat or a chrono-thermostat (timer and thermostat). For the water version it will need to be connected to a manifold with thermal actuators or to a system using TRVs. For the electric version the thermostat is connected directly to the system and the mains.

What Delta T (ΔT) do you use for your calculations?

Usually the calculations are done with a ΔT of 50° C – flow temperature 70° return temperature 60°.

How long can one circuit be?

Up to 20 linear metres of heating core there are no problems. Beyond 20m it is important to evaluate the pressure head loss of the system as the return temperature is lower on longer runs.

How much water runs through the system?

THERMODUL (water version) contains approx 0.30 liter/metre (300 ml) between flow and return. It contains half of the water of a traditional radiator for the same thermal emission.

Do I need to bleed the system?

Due to the low level and the amount of water contained in the system, once the bleeding of the system is performed once the installation is completed, there is no need to bleed it again. Should the system require any bleeding at some stage, this can be performed from the manifold or the boiler.

Can I install the THERMODUL along with other heat distribution methods?

Yes, THERMODUL can be installed along with traditional radiator system, underfloor heating and/or towel rails.

How much does it cost to run the electric system?

It depends on how much heating output is required. However, the heating resistors have a thermal output of 100%, so the power of the single resistor corresponds to the thermal output and therefore the cost of running it will correspond to the energy used at the maximum output. (Example – 900 watts = 3×300 watt resistors. 900 watts x hour (at maximum power) x cost of unit of energy.) As it reaches the desired temperature room temperature, if the building is well insulated full power is only used to reach temperature and then to top up the heating when the thermostat looks for heat.

Can the Electric Version be run with PhotoVoltaic Solar Panels (PV)?

Yes, although if the solar PV system is grid connected (and doesn’t have a means of storing generated electricity in batteries), the solar energy can only be used to power the system whilst it is being generated, ie. in the day.

A solution is to use Dual Fuel Themodul where electricity generated by solar PV could be used to power the electrical system in the day, switching to the water system fed by a boiler as solar power becomes unavailable in the evening.

What colours is the Thermodul Skirting Board System available in?

The standard colours are white 9010 RAL, bronze and silver. It is also available in all RAL colours as well as 6 wood effect (minimum order 25m + additional cost per m).

Does it only go on the external walls?

The system is sized according to the heat loss of the building. Priority is given to the external walls, however, if these are not sufficient to provide the heat required, the internal walls are also used.

Does it create problems for furniture?

No, if the furniture is kept at least 1 cm (0.3”) away from the front plate of the THERMODUL system, there are no problems with the furniture and the performance of the system is not compromised.

Why is THERMODUL recognised by InBioedilizia?

Due to its uniform heat distribution and the healthy air, that does not move dust or bacteria. InBioedilizia has recognised the THERMODUL system as a worthwhile partner.

Can the system be used for cooling?

Due to problems with condensation it is preferable not to use the THERMODUL system for cooling.

What is a manifold?

A manifold, complete with thermal actuators, is a system that allows the building to be zoned for individual rooms/areas. The thermostats in the rooms are connected to the actuators on the manifold. Once the desired temperature is reached in one of the rooms the thermostats “talks” to the actuator and closes off the valve for that particular zone. Manifolds come in a number of sizes, generally from 2 port to 12 port. More than one port can be connected to one thermostats (i.e. zone A = 3 bedrooms – 1 thermostats+3 port manifold).

Can THERMODUL be installed on curved walls?

Yes, there are a couple of options. The system can be bent on site if there curve is not too acute. Generally we supply the curve from the factory upon receipt of the correct radius. The mimimum radius is 1m.

How do I deal with corners that are not 90°?

In the eventuality of a corner being 45° there is no need to use the internal/external corners supplied, but the profile can be cut (mitred) to the correct angle.

Can it be flush fitted?

Yes, the system can be flushed within the wall, either partially or completely (upper nib is encased in the wall). The thermal emission and the heat distribution are unchanged.

Does it mark the walls?

No, the convective part of the heating is low and does not move dust.

What is EN442?

EN442 is a European Certification for space heating. THERMODUL received an EN442 certification in 1998.

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